sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2014

Low carb and Paleo Diets in Brazil - September 2014 update

Well, it was been a long time since I last wrote here.

A lot has happened.

Dr. Souto's blog has grown a lot. More than 4 million page views!

So much that it has even bothered some people, that tried to remove him from Facebook. Thanks to that, the blog now has a new address:

A lot of talks are happening all over Brazil. Here is one example:
Even some online events have happened, such as the
National Conference on Paleo and Low Carb Nutrition ("Congresso Nacional Online de Nutrição Paleo e Low Carb").

As part of the attack to Dr. Souto, two big Facebook groups, each with more than 14,000 members, were closed. But new groups were created and are growing:

And the "Dieta Low-Carb e Paleolítica" page has almost 4 thousand "likes":ítica/139327229556443